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During the “roaring twenties,” the live bands were mainly playing music that was too fast for the big open leg movements. But that was what the foxtrot required… So the quickstep allowed the man to close his feet and featured short syncopated steps. Since those times the quickstep has gradually evolved to become even more fast-paced and dynamic. Now featuring the dancers charging across the floor on long runs, which include hops and lots of rotation. The high tempo being the key to the dance, it has increasingly sped up over time. This allows top dancers to show off their technique and athleticism at its most…

“See, how exciting the dancing styles history is?”Stacy Hamilton

Its notable signature difference is that is is still danced at the fast tempo that characterized the first waltzes. Later versions, such as the French and Boston waltzes, are much less dynamic in their pace… The golden age of the Viennese waltz in Europe was the early 1800s when Johann Strauss was composing. Its popularity has gone up and down, but it has never gone out of style. It’s a classic “old-school” ballroom routine for any time and any place…

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